Blinding Prejudice

Saw the following post, authored by Small Block, on Chaos Raptors and thought it worthy of putting up here as I agree with every word of it.

There is nothing wrong with questioning a case. What is wrong are those who see the possible theories as some sort of competition.

The McCanns promote abduction so the competitors promote death and concealment. Why the need to compete? I think those who are cynical about the beliefs and hopes of the McCanns, also base their feelings including a prejudice against them which is rooted in believing they committed neglect. They can’t deal with looking at the case objectively without prejudice and that is unhealthy. This prejudice, after 3 years has become an obsession to justify their own feelings of seeking punishment. So much so they cannot see that there could be no worse punishment upon the parents than a missing child. still without information to help find her.

Sadly, it isn’t about seeking the truth for those obsessed with ‘paying the parents back’. It is more about not recognising that prejudice is the wall that prevents them from looking for the truth, if that is how they justify the forum campaign….seeking the truth.

On the other hand there are those who say they support the Mccanns, who also have developed a prejudice against anyone who questions the case and have also propagated a competitive stance which has helped to create an unhealthy ‘us and them’ ‘your wrong I’m right’ attitude. Either stance results in people seeking the truth. blindfolded.

There is only one fact that we should all recognise. The McCanns are innocent….INNOCENT. They have not been proved guilty of anything, have never been charged of committing any crime and therefore any opinions about what happened should remain just that. Taking action against them. campaigning to get them charged or at least have an opposing theory suggesting the abduction theory and any hope of an alive Madeleine is presented to the public as a choice is nothing short of propagating hate and vigilantism.

The police are he recognised agency to find truth and evidence. People like Tony Bennett are nothing more than trouble makers, causing pain to justify their own belief in self-importance and the need of publicity. The police? ok so some champion Amarals theory. He was a policeman so that can be used to justify believing him. He made a big mistake understanding the forensic results, he has an unprofessional history within the police and the fact he was removed should all be enough to discount his wasted time on the case. If using Amaral as the last straw to clutch and justify being cynical about the McCanns, I would say that straw is the only one left, is poor quality and about to turn to dust.

Sadly now though, money is the reason no police force are prepared to pick up the case. If Madeleine is found, it will only be through information that has not yet come to light. Hence keeping awareness and seeking information is her only hope of being found alive.

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Still Missing, Still Missed, Still Looking

Please remember Madeleine and place a banner on your online pages, Email and forward to friends and family.

Banners and More Info

Poster Map

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Look Up and Look Out For Madeleine

Tonight at 7.30 PM 1000 lanterns will be lit around the UK and Portugal to symbolise that after 1000 days the search goes on for Madeleine.

Update from the official site

Wednesday 27th January 2010

Today marks 1000 days since Madeleine was taken from us. It’s hard to even say the number. We remember the first few days after Madeleine was taken, watching the clock and counting every hour. Now we’ve reached 1000 days.

It’s difficult sometimes to understand how we’ve been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night. Madeleine is still missing. Sometimes it even feels ‘wrong’ to be coping. And yet if we weren’t, there would be no search and no campaign to find Madeleine and that just doesn’t bear thinking about! We are very aware though that our ability to cope and keep going for Madeleine has been greatly augmented by the incredible support we have received from so many people and this should never be underestimated. We will always remember and be forever grateful for this help, support and kindness.

This evening we will be holding a fund-raising event in London – ‘Still Missing,Still Missed; An Evening for Madeleine’. We will be remembering Madeleine and other missing children throughout the world. We are hoping to raise a good amount of money to further the search for Madeleine but also to benefit the charities, Missing People and Missing Children Europe and the fantastic but often unrecognised work that they do on behalf of all missing children in the UK and Europe.

Also this evening, 1000 lanterns will be released into the night sky – an event which has been called ‘Look Up & Look Out for Madeleine’.They will be released from many different locations in the UK, Portugal and the USA.  It is a symbolic way for our family, friends and supporters to show that we have not forgotten Madeleine and will never give up on her.

In addition to the above, Simon Armitage has very kindly(and courageously) written a poem for Madeleine to coincide with the 1000th day since her disappearance. It is called ‘The Beacon’. We think it is an incredible and really beautiful sonnet. It manages to convey so accurately and succinctly, both our darker moments and the reality of hope and possibility, aswell as including powerful and touching references to Madeleine. We hope it will be read by many.

One thousand days.

Madeleine is still missing and she needs to be found.

We will continue to turn every stone. We will never give upon Madeleine.

Thank you for your support and solidarity. Together we can bring Madeleine home.

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A Response for Joana Morais’ Benefit.

Joana Morais. Championing free speech without censorship. In my opinion she champions free speech without responsibility as part of an extreme political campaign. Currently Joana is supporting Sr Amaral’s attempt in the courts to have his book returned to sale after the McCanns successfully had it removed as the way the facts from the case files are being spun is causing damage to their search campaign. The courts agreed but Amaral is appealing the decision.

A video appeared on YouTube, presenting a thesis which opposes Dr Amaral’s Truth of The Lie. Yet Joana Morais complained to the Tube about it. Allegedly she has also complained to Amnesty International about it as well. Can you believe that? The champion of free speech attempting to gag a video which opposes what she believes. How hypocritical can Morais get?

So as well as recently announcing on Twitter that she admitted telling lies about the McCanns solicitor being involved with terrorists. She now shows the world what a hypocrite she is.

At the end of the day. If Joana had not kicked up a fuss about this video it wouldn’t now have gone viral.

The irony of complaining to Amnesty International, is what the organisation says about him on their own website.

This is what Amnesty International Say.

Amnesty International

Human Rights in Portuguese Republic.
Allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and excessive use of force by law enforcement officials remained a concern. The prosecution of law enforcement officials implicated in two high-profile cases of torture and other ill-treatment proceeded slowly. Domestic violence continued to be a widespread problem, leading to numerous deaths.

Torture and other ill-treatment
There were continued allegations of ill-treatment by law enforcement officials. In February, the UN Committee against Torture expressed its concern about reports of torture and other ill-treatment in prisons and the excessive use of force, including the use of firearms, by law enforcement officials. It also expressed concern at the acquisition of Taser weapons by law enforcement agencies, stating that the pain such weapons inflict constituted a form of torture.

Regarding Amaral and his team
In October, the trial began of four police officers charged with torturing Leonor Cipriano in 2004 to obtain a confession that she had killed her daughter. Medical reports and photographs of Leonor Cipriano recorded extensive injuries after two days in police custody in Faro. Police officials said that she fell down a flight of stairs in the police station; however the Institute of Forensic Medicine stated that her injuries were not consistent with such an incident and were more in keeping with an assault. Leonor Cipriano said that she was punched, kicked, had a plastic bag placed over head, and was forced to kneel on glass ashtrays during interrogations. The trial was ongoing at the end of the year.

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Food For Sight!!

Something for the extreme McCann cynics.

Those who can only see guilt in the McCanns, can only see guilt.

Those who can only see evil in the McCanns, can only see evil.

Those who can only see lies in the McCanns, can only see lies.

Those who can only see suspicion in the McCanns, can only see suspicion.

Those who can only see darkness in the McCanns, can only see darkness.

Those who can only see a dead Madeleine, can only see a dead Madeleine.

Those people need to open their eyes.

Those people would then, not only see what is in their head, they would see everything.

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Joana Morais, Liar

Joana Morais admitted that she lied when she spread malicious accusations that expert Portuguese lawyer, Isabel Duarte, is involved with terrorists.

Isabel Duarte is currently representing the McCanns who are challenging the ex police officer Goncalo Amaral for his attempts to undermine the search for Madeleine Beth Mccann.

The screenshot of Joana’s admission is posted on extreme Pro site, PFA2. Isabel is aware, but as Joana is generally considered of no consequence, it is unlikely that she will be taking action.

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Madeleine Beth McCann. The case of a missing child or political bandwagon?

Food for thought.

Reflecting on my journey through blogs and forums involved with the case of missing Madeleine Beth McCann, I have noted some remarkable points that I had failed to understand. Until today when all the points I had found difficult to understand, all seemed to fall together like a self building jigsaw puzzle, complete and revealing a colourful picture.

One key point in the beginning that had me wondering is being accused of BNP membership early on in the case. Not just myself but other’s termed ‘Pro’s’ were accused of the same. Why bring politics into it I wondered and proceeded, since then, to pass it off as those with opposing views to mine being extremely insulting. Why was right wing politics brought in from the start?

There is the old chestnut of repeating the message ‘they left them alone and they alone are responsible….end off.’ This line has been repeated over and over like a broken record as soon as any debate propagates reason and balance which may ask valid questions of responsibility being shared beyond the parents. Why the demonising repetition of standard debate stoppers?

There are the PJ files, the investigative diary of the case. Anyone with common sense can see that the case was shelved because of a lack of corroborative evidence. Many possibilities and many people choosing one possibility over another to run with and support.  It is also clear from the information within the files that the concluding report from the British forensics specialist, FSS, was misunderstood by the police team in charge of the case to the extent that they believed the results to be conclusive evidence that Madeleine had died in the apartment and that her parents were involved with concealing and then transporting the body to an unknown destination.  The FSS results offered no evidence that could be used to determine a crime let alone any suspect or prove that the scent had identified Madeleine, alive or dead. The team in charge concluded that the death amd concealment thesis is the most likely crime with the parents identified as suspects. Then the documents were passed to the Portuguese Prosecutor to decide where the case should go from that point. The prosecutor digested the files information and concluded that the case could not recognise any crime or criminal and therefore would be shelved until further conclusive evidence comes to light, releasing Robert Murat and the McCanns from their arguido status. Yet we have a strong bonded group of people who support the Team Amaral conclusion and publicize his thesis as fact backed up by the inconclusive files. Sr Amaral, who was the chief of the team in charge of the case, has since left the police and written a book selling his thesis and using the PJ conclusion as a statement of fact while on several occasions has suggested he knows more yet to be revealed. Yet there is no evidence to back up that conclusion as fact.  The only evidence used to back it up is the dogs having signalled finding cadaver of which, when analysed by scientists, proved so inconclusive to determine the find was actual cadaver or not, or even if it indicated the individual Madeleine or not. Why is the thesis of a policeman, who misunderstood the FSS analysis, being supported to the extent of a leap of faith by many intelligent people?

There is the attempt by Anthony Bennett to have the McCann’s prosecuted for child neglect, which failed. Mr Bennett formed the ‘Madeleine Foundation’ to sell Sr Amaral’s thesis as a booklet. The booklet was Sr Amaral’s thesis basically broken down into 60 reasons of why the McCann’s were guilty of involvement in the death and concealment of their child. Why a campaign against the McCann’s from an ex politician with many hearsay connections to the National Front?

There is the former forum named 3 arguido’s, an insignificant but popular anti Abduction theory, virtual street corner, gossip site also supporting Sr Amarals thesis? In fact this website supported any thesis which did not include abduction, simply because the McCanns believe that Madeleine was abducted. So the PJ conclusion was most welcome there along with Anthony Bennet’s campaign to be used to broker support, yet the Prosecutors considered conclusion was ignored. Why such organised staunch opposition to the McCanns being  innocent?

There is the group supporting Sr Amaral in Portugal, publicised by Joana Morais. On Joana’s blog not only is the thesis of Sr Amaral supported regarding the alleged crime and suspects. No, also supported strongly is the opinion that the McCanns are protected by a government conspiracy. The reason the McCanns were not charged is being suggested as the result of trading the cover up of Portugues political corruption in the Freeport case. Why the inclusion of Portuguese and UK government corruption and conspiracy in the case of missing Madeleine?

So here we have the key questions I have been asking myself in summary.

  • Why are the McCanns being demonised?
  • Why have politics been brought into a debate about the case from the start?
  • Why are there sites brokering support for the demonization without evidence of the McCanns
  • Why are attempts being made which would theoretically see the McCanns in court and questions not only being asked of them regarding the case but also of government and political strategies?

Involvment of politics, demonising the McCanns and anyone who supports their wish to keep hope alive for Madeleine. Brokering support to propagate that demonization and spread opinions dressed up as fact, suggesting the McCanns are involved with politicians in a demonic way; conspiracy, cover ups. The solution is then suggested. Get the McCanns into court to answer questions and as the links have been made to politics by these campaigners then political questions would also be asked.

A political group demonising, misrepresenting publicly, spreading opinion as fact to blame the demons, brokering support for this misinformation and then offering the solution? That is something I recognise as National Front and BNP tactic’s to isolate and prejudice against non white, typically, non Anglo Saxon British citizens. In fact it is the fundamental Nazi tactic. Another BNP tactic is the call for uncensored free speech? Just as Joana Morais is championing.

Looking back, I thought it was ridiculous that the BNP was mentioned to accuse in the case of a missing child. Now I wonder why those political links were being made with perhaps a better understanding now.

Do we have an international political group, possibly extreme right wing, jumping on the bandwagon of a high profile missing child case? Has that group been active from the start?

Madeleine Beth McCann. The case of a missing child or a political bandwagon?

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Dont Forget

What is important, behind the madness.

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Madeleine. Exploitation in the name of Free Speech?

Firstly I would like to make it clear that exploiting; making money from a child through exploitation is a form of abuse.
I consider books such as Goncalo Amarals and now this book to have used the case of missing Madeleine McCann for the purpose of selfish agenda, self publicity and making money. I have never seen such outrageous and unashamed exploitation before until I became a follower of this case.
There is a worrying history which leads to my concerns at yet another book questioning the innocence of the McCanns. Who to this day are still innocent in the absence of any evidence, by law.
Let’s go back to when the alarm bells started ringing loud for me.  It came as no surprise to find out that associates of Goncalo Amaral had explored this path before on a previous case. Paulo Cristóvão, a PJ inspector who worked on the case of missing Joana Cipriano, wrote the book ‘The Star of Joana’ as a homage to Joana Cipriano who’s parents have been charged successfully on what could only be called gossip and confessions which could not be backed up with proof. Sound familiar? Well for those not up to speed with this case. Joana’s body has never been found, yet a confession from the mother who often changed her story was believed when it fitted what the PJ team opined. Cipriano and her boyfriend were sentenced for the death of Joana, despite no evidence. Yes blood was found in the kitchen which forensics could only determine was human blood, sound familiar again? Yet the PJ deduced that her body was chopped up and hidden in the fridge before being disposed of elsewhere, my God this is almost a mirror image of the case of missing Madeleine!!  Then following the closing of the case with the PJ charging those they considered did the crime which has no hard evidence, a book was written. I wonder what happened to the proceeds of that book?
Goncalo Amaral was the head of the team that dealt with Cipriano. Evidence that Cipriano had been beaten brutally by the police was accepted by the Portuguese justice system. In fact, the courts accepted that Cipriano had her confession beaten out of her. But, because she wore a bag on her head could not identify her abusers. So the court could not charge any individual identifiable as the abuser. Amaral was sentenced to 18 months, suspended for falsifying the evidence to cover up these beatings.
Once again, with the case of missing Madeleine, Goncalo Amaral was head of the team. He had DNA evidence which could only prove meaningless as to say if the findings were Madeleine’s cadaver or not. Yet, to him it was enough. His opinion that the McCanns had been involved with the death and concealment of their daughter needed backing up with DNA proof. His strong evidence, by opinion, is only a false positive by scientific conclusion. Following resigning from the PJ without ceremony, Goncalo continued with his opinion to earn money. He wrote his opinion into a book, ‘Truth of the Lies’ and lined his pockets. Since then, quite rightly the hurt and defamed McCanns successfully challenged Amaral and he has been ordered to destroy all remaining copies of the book and has had to relinquish the copyright to the McCanns solicitors. All proceeds from the book have to be handed to the solicitors, including the Jaguar car he purchased from it.
Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler were also raising money for the Madeleine Foundation, riding piggyback on Amarals thesis to back up their opinion that people in high places, including the government are helping the McCanns cover up a crime. At the same time Amaral was prevented from his selfish agenda, so was the Foundation.  Bennett and Butler have acceded to Carter Rucks, the McCann solicitors, demands.
It beggars belief and so it should with people who understand respect, compassion and morals that these goings on had propagated to the fruition they achieved. However, it is heart-warming and a relief that common sense and justice have prevailed to stop it.
Now we have this new book, ‘Faked Abduction’. A book based on Goncalo Amarals thesis. The Same words with the same  spin but a different author. Allegedly the author is Stevo. The current webmeister of the Madeleine Foundation site which Bennett and Butler now say they have no control over. No surprises there then. Definitely, as far as Stevo is concerned, this is exploitation……abuse of a child in the name of free speech.
God forbid any one of us will ever lose a loved one in a similar situation, or any situation for that matter. Surely, going by the virtual mob punishment being practiced and the virtual wishing for punishment we have witnessed in this case, on the McCanns, would make the parents of any missing child the most evil beings on earth regardless of lack of evidence. I don’t understand it.
Maybe I would have to harbour prejudice, hate and a belief that I am a perfect parent and the need to force my perfectness upon others less fortunate. Or even have some selfish uncaring agenda to make money or to gain publicity, to be able to understand and write such a book when the police involved in solving the vanishing have not yet established a crime let alone who may be the criminals.
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Profits from Gonçalo Amaral’s book apprehended

Google translation from 
The Lisbon Civil Court ordered the seizure of all profits from the sale of the book “Maddie, the truth of lies”, the former Inspector of Judicial Police (PJ) Gonçalo Amaral, following a lawsuit by the parents of British girl , reports the Expresso Online.

According to the order of the court, the editors who published the book have already been informed that all proceeds of the sale and marketing of the work will be seized for the payment of an amount of 1.2 million.

Notifications of court procedure on this measure has followed for Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, where the work was translated and published.

Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector who conducted the investigation in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in 2007, was dismissed from the case following statements to the media.

The investigation of the disappearance of British girl of 3 years, in Praia da Luz, was filed on 21 June 2008.

In September, by order of Civil Court, the book had already been withdrawn from bookstores.

The book “Maddie, the truth of lies” was published in July 2008, published by War & Peace, and within two months had 12 editions of 10 thousand copies each.

I’m really happy about this decission and am looking forward to the Everton match tommorrow when 1000’s of fans, including Portuguese Benfica fans, will be wearing Madeleine’s picture on their shirts. As the chairman of Everton, Bill Kenwright, says what greater victory could there be but for Madeleine being returned to her parents.

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