Blinding Prejudice

Saw the following post, authored by Small Block, on Chaos Raptors and thought it worthy of putting up here as I agree with every word of it.

There is nothing wrong with questioning a case. What is wrong are those who see the possible theories as some sort of competition.

The McCanns promote abduction so the competitors promote death and concealment. Why the need to compete? I think those who are cynical about the beliefs and hopes of the McCanns, also base their feelings including a prejudice against them which is rooted in believing they committed neglect. They can’t deal with looking at the case objectively without prejudice and that is unhealthy. This prejudice, after 3 years has become an obsession to justify their own feelings of seeking punishment. So much so they cannot see that there could be no worse punishment upon the parents than a missing child. still without information to help find her.

Sadly, it isn’t about seeking the truth for those obsessed with ‘paying the parents back’. It is more about not recognising that prejudice is the wall that prevents them from looking for the truth, if that is how they justify the forum campaign….seeking the truth.

On the other hand there are those who say they support the Mccanns, who also have developed a prejudice against anyone who questions the case and have also propagated a competitive stance which has helped to create an unhealthy ‘us and them’ ‘your wrong I’m right’ attitude. Either stance results in people seeking the truth. blindfolded.

There is only one fact that we should all recognise. The McCanns are innocent….INNOCENT. They have not been proved guilty of anything, have never been charged of committing any crime and therefore any opinions about what happened should remain just that. Taking action against them. campaigning to get them charged or at least have an opposing theory suggesting the abduction theory and any hope of an alive Madeleine is presented to the public as a choice is nothing short of propagating hate and vigilantism.

The police are he recognised agency to find truth and evidence. People like Tony Bennett are nothing more than trouble makers, causing pain to justify their own belief in self-importance and the need of publicity. The police? ok so some champion Amarals theory. He was a policeman so that can be used to justify believing him. He made a big mistake understanding the forensic results, he has an unprofessional history within the police and the fact he was removed should all be enough to discount his wasted time on the case. If using Amaral as the last straw to clutch and justify being cynical about the McCanns, I would say that straw is the only one left, is poor quality and about to turn to dust.

Sadly now though, money is the reason no police force are prepared to pick up the case. If Madeleine is found, it will only be through information that has not yet come to light. Hence keeping awareness and seeking information is her only hope of being found alive.

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