A Response for Joana Morais’ Benefit.

Joana Morais. Championing free speech without censorship. In my opinion she champions free speech without responsibility as part of an extreme political campaign. Currently Joana is supporting Sr Amaral’s attempt in the courts to have his book returned to sale after the McCanns successfully had it removed as the way the facts from the case files are being spun is causing damage to their search campaign. The courts agreed but Amaral is appealing the decision.

A video appeared on YouTube, presenting a thesis which opposes Dr Amaral’s Truth of The Lie. Yet Joana Morais complained to the Tube about it. Allegedly she has also complained to Amnesty International about it as well. Can you believe that? The champion of free speech attempting to gag a video which opposes what she believes. How hypocritical can Morais get?

So as well as recently announcing on Twitter that she admitted telling lies about the McCanns solicitor being involved with terrorists. She now shows the world what a hypocrite she is.

At the end of the day. If Joana had not kicked up a fuss about this video it wouldn’t now have gone viral.

The irony of complaining to Amnesty International, is what the organisation says about him on their own website.

This is what Amnesty International Say.

Amnesty International

Human Rights in Portuguese Republic.
Allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and excessive use of force by law enforcement officials remained a concern. The prosecution of law enforcement officials implicated in two high-profile cases of torture and other ill-treatment proceeded slowly. Domestic violence continued to be a widespread problem, leading to numerous deaths.

Torture and other ill-treatment
There were continued allegations of ill-treatment by law enforcement officials. In February, the UN Committee against Torture expressed its concern about reports of torture and other ill-treatment in prisons and the excessive use of force, including the use of firearms, by law enforcement officials. It also expressed concern at the acquisition of Taser weapons by law enforcement agencies, stating that the pain such weapons inflict constituted a form of torture.

Regarding Amaral and his team
In October, the trial began of four police officers charged with torturing Leonor Cipriano in 2004 to obtain a confession that she had killed her daughter. Medical reports and photographs of Leonor Cipriano recorded extensive injuries after two days in police custody in Faro. Police officials said that she fell down a flight of stairs in the police station; however the Institute of Forensic Medicine stated that her injuries were not consistent with such an incident and were more in keeping with an assault. Leonor Cipriano said that she was punched, kicked, had a plastic bag placed over head, and was forced to kneel on glass ashtrays during interrogations. The trial was ongoing at the end of the year.

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