Madeleine Beth McCann. The case of a missing child or political bandwagon?

Food for thought.

Reflecting on my journey through blogs and forums involved with the case of missing Madeleine Beth McCann, I have noted some remarkable points that I had failed to understand. Until today when all the points I had found difficult to understand, all seemed to fall together like a self building jigsaw puzzle, complete and revealing a colourful picture.

One key point in the beginning that had me wondering is being accused of BNP membership early on in the case. Not just myself but other’s termed ‘Pro’s’ were accused of the same. Why bring politics into it I wondered and proceeded, since then, to pass it off as those with opposing views to mine being extremely insulting. Why was right wing politics brought in from the start?

There is the old chestnut of repeating the message ‘they left them alone and they alone are responsible….end off.’ This line has been repeated over and over like a broken record as soon as any debate propagates reason and balance which may ask valid questions of responsibility being shared beyond the parents. Why the demonising repetition of standard debate stoppers?

There are the PJ files, the investigative diary of the case. Anyone with common sense can see that the case was shelved because of a lack of corroborative evidence. Many possibilities and many people choosing one possibility over another to run with and support.  It is also clear from the information within the files that the concluding report from the British forensics specialist, FSS, was misunderstood by the police team in charge of the case to the extent that they believed the results to be conclusive evidence that Madeleine had died in the apartment and that her parents were involved with concealing and then transporting the body to an unknown destination.  The FSS results offered no evidence that could be used to determine a crime let alone any suspect or prove that the scent had identified Madeleine, alive or dead. The team in charge concluded that the death amd concealment thesis is the most likely crime with the parents identified as suspects. Then the documents were passed to the Portuguese Prosecutor to decide where the case should go from that point. The prosecutor digested the files information and concluded that the case could not recognise any crime or criminal and therefore would be shelved until further conclusive evidence comes to light, releasing Robert Murat and the McCanns from their arguido status. Yet we have a strong bonded group of people who support the Team Amaral conclusion and publicize his thesis as fact backed up by the inconclusive files. Sr Amaral, who was the chief of the team in charge of the case, has since left the police and written a book selling his thesis and using the PJ conclusion as a statement of fact while on several occasions has suggested he knows more yet to be revealed. Yet there is no evidence to back up that conclusion as fact.  The only evidence used to back it up is the dogs having signalled finding cadaver of which, when analysed by scientists, proved so inconclusive to determine the find was actual cadaver or not, or even if it indicated the individual Madeleine or not. Why is the thesis of a policeman, who misunderstood the FSS analysis, being supported to the extent of a leap of faith by many intelligent people?

There is the attempt by Anthony Bennett to have the McCann’s prosecuted for child neglect, which failed. Mr Bennett formed the ‘Madeleine Foundation’ to sell Sr Amaral’s thesis as a booklet. The booklet was Sr Amaral’s thesis basically broken down into 60 reasons of why the McCann’s were guilty of involvement in the death and concealment of their child. Why a campaign against the McCann’s from an ex politician with many hearsay connections to the National Front?

There is the former forum named 3 arguido’s, an insignificant but popular anti Abduction theory, virtual street corner, gossip site also supporting Sr Amarals thesis? In fact this website supported any thesis which did not include abduction, simply because the McCanns believe that Madeleine was abducted. So the PJ conclusion was most welcome there along with Anthony Bennet’s campaign to be used to broker support, yet the Prosecutors considered conclusion was ignored. Why such organised staunch opposition to the McCanns being  innocent?

There is the group supporting Sr Amaral in Portugal, publicised by Joana Morais. On Joana’s blog not only is the thesis of Sr Amaral supported regarding the alleged crime and suspects. No, also supported strongly is the opinion that the McCanns are protected by a government conspiracy. The reason the McCanns were not charged is being suggested as the result of trading the cover up of Portugues political corruption in the Freeport case. Why the inclusion of Portuguese and UK government corruption and conspiracy in the case of missing Madeleine?

So here we have the key questions I have been asking myself in summary.

  • Why are the McCanns being demonised?
  • Why have politics been brought into a debate about the case from the start?
  • Why are there sites brokering support for the demonization without evidence of the McCanns
  • Why are attempts being made which would theoretically see the McCanns in court and questions not only being asked of them regarding the case but also of government and political strategies?

Involvment of politics, demonising the McCanns and anyone who supports their wish to keep hope alive for Madeleine. Brokering support to propagate that demonization and spread opinions dressed up as fact, suggesting the McCanns are involved with politicians in a demonic way; conspiracy, cover ups. The solution is then suggested. Get the McCanns into court to answer questions and as the links have been made to politics by these campaigners then political questions would also be asked.

A political group demonising, misrepresenting publicly, spreading opinion as fact to blame the demons, brokering support for this misinformation and then offering the solution? That is something I recognise as National Front and BNP tactic’s to isolate and prejudice against non white, typically, non Anglo Saxon British citizens. In fact it is the fundamental Nazi tactic. Another BNP tactic is the call for uncensored free speech? Just as Joana Morais is championing.

Looking back, I thought it was ridiculous that the BNP was mentioned to accuse in the case of a missing child. Now I wonder why those political links were being made with perhaps a better understanding now.

Do we have an international political group, possibly extreme right wing, jumping on the bandwagon of a high profile missing child case? Has that group been active from the start?

Madeleine Beth McCann. The case of a missing child or a political bandwagon?

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