Madeleine. Exploitation in the name of Free Speech?

Firstly I would like to make it clear that exploiting; making money from a child through exploitation is a form of abuse.
I consider books such as Goncalo Amarals and now this book to have used the case of missing Madeleine McCann for the purpose of selfish agenda, self publicity and making money. I have never seen such outrageous and unashamed exploitation before until I became a follower of this case.
There is a worrying history which leads to my concerns at yet another book questioning the innocence of the McCanns. Who to this day are still innocent in the absence of any evidence, by law.
Let’s go back to when the alarm bells started ringing loud for me.  It came as no surprise to find out that associates of Goncalo Amaral had explored this path before on a previous case. Paulo Cristóvão, a PJ inspector who worked on the case of missing Joana Cipriano, wrote the book ‘The Star of Joana’ as a homage to Joana Cipriano who’s parents have been charged successfully on what could only be called gossip and confessions which could not be backed up with proof. Sound familiar? Well for those not up to speed with this case. Joana’s body has never been found, yet a confession from the mother who often changed her story was believed when it fitted what the PJ team opined. Cipriano and her boyfriend were sentenced for the death of Joana, despite no evidence. Yes blood was found in the kitchen which forensics could only determine was human blood, sound familiar again? Yet the PJ deduced that her body was chopped up and hidden in the fridge before being disposed of elsewhere, my God this is almost a mirror image of the case of missing Madeleine!!  Then following the closing of the case with the PJ charging those they considered did the crime which has no hard evidence, a book was written. I wonder what happened to the proceeds of that book?
Goncalo Amaral was the head of the team that dealt with Cipriano. Evidence that Cipriano had been beaten brutally by the police was accepted by the Portuguese justice system. In fact, the courts accepted that Cipriano had her confession beaten out of her. But, because she wore a bag on her head could not identify her abusers. So the court could not charge any individual identifiable as the abuser. Amaral was sentenced to 18 months, suspended for falsifying the evidence to cover up these beatings.
Once again, with the case of missing Madeleine, Goncalo Amaral was head of the team. He had DNA evidence which could only prove meaningless as to say if the findings were Madeleine’s cadaver or not. Yet, to him it was enough. His opinion that the McCanns had been involved with the death and concealment of their daughter needed backing up with DNA proof. His strong evidence, by opinion, is only a false positive by scientific conclusion. Following resigning from the PJ without ceremony, Goncalo continued with his opinion to earn money. He wrote his opinion into a book, ‘Truth of the Lies’ and lined his pockets. Since then, quite rightly the hurt and defamed McCanns successfully challenged Amaral and he has been ordered to destroy all remaining copies of the book and has had to relinquish the copyright to the McCanns solicitors. All proceeds from the book have to be handed to the solicitors, including the Jaguar car he purchased from it.
Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler were also raising money for the Madeleine Foundation, riding piggyback on Amarals thesis to back up their opinion that people in high places, including the government are helping the McCanns cover up a crime. At the same time Amaral was prevented from his selfish agenda, so was the Foundation.  Bennett and Butler have acceded to Carter Rucks, the McCann solicitors, demands.
It beggars belief and so it should with people who understand respect, compassion and morals that these goings on had propagated to the fruition they achieved. However, it is heart-warming and a relief that common sense and justice have prevailed to stop it.
Now we have this new book, ‘Faked Abduction’. A book based on Goncalo Amarals thesis. The Same words with the same  spin but a different author. Allegedly the author is Stevo. The current webmeister of the Madeleine Foundation site which Bennett and Butler now say they have no control over. No surprises there then. Definitely, as far as Stevo is concerned, this is exploitation……abuse of a child in the name of free speech.
God forbid any one of us will ever lose a loved one in a similar situation, or any situation for that matter. Surely, going by the virtual mob punishment being practiced and the virtual wishing for punishment we have witnessed in this case, on the McCanns, would make the parents of any missing child the most evil beings on earth regardless of lack of evidence. I don’t understand it.
Maybe I would have to harbour prejudice, hate and a belief that I am a perfect parent and the need to force my perfectness upon others less fortunate. Or even have some selfish uncaring agenda to make money or to gain publicity, to be able to understand and write such a book when the police involved in solving the vanishing have not yet established a crime let alone who may be the criminals.
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