A nation divided by Question Time?

Nick Griffins appearance on the BBC’s Question Time has prompted much debate nationwide, in the media. Has Nick Griffin appearing on the programme divided the public opinion as is being muted in the media though? I don’t think Griffins appearance on the programme, in itself, has divided opinion. People who are tuned in to racist matters will already know what Griffin and the BNP are about.  I doubt the opinion of these people will have changed; perhaps compounded?  I think the fear of adding respect to the BNP were unfounded as Griffin certainly didn’t come across as a professional politician. In fact I would say he was humiliated. Questions were being asked regarding free speech and ethics of who are allowed on Question Time and the dangers of censorship, beforehand. There was nothing to worry about, I think, and consciences can remain clear.

No, the worry for me is the members of Joe public who are apathetic to the history of this racist, fascist party, who only heard Griffin say one thing. “We will put the lid on any more immigration”. That’s the magic vote winner for the BNP. That is the line that will sell best for them and in my opinion is why they achieved membership to the order of MEP’s. The voters who decide which square to cross at the ballot box based on fear of immigration won’t be thinking about race or creed.
So will history repeat itself. Will we look back with regret, in the future, at another racist party gaining power, demonising easily stereotypical groups, mis-representing them and having the power to provide a solution in a typical Nazi way?
Will we look back and understand the root of the problem was once again recession, an organisation that can exploit the fears of people in such a situation, a group to blame for it and a way to punish them?
How can we break the chain?
Do we need to break the chain when we can trust the British public have the common sense to remember the past?
For me, the answer lies with our non racist politicians. They must deal with the immigration issue now. Without doubt our elected party have not been competent in answering people’s fears and dealing with it. It is because of this one issue above others, in my opinion, that the BNP have been so successful.
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