Tony Bennett’s Foundation. Built on perceived conspiracy or a wild imagination?

I have often wondered what Tony Bennett’s agenda is when it comes to the case of missing Madeleine. Asking him questions on fora usually provoked replies including quotes from the bible. I wondered if it is just a selfish agenda to gain publicity on the back of this case. I could see how he has gained support from selective biased forums which he would find very useful. I wondered why he states that he has the facts as written in the PJ files. The same cherry picked information waxed by Sr Amaral, the head of the police team dealing with this case and who resigned suddenly without ceremony, to add weight to the policeman’s theory.

Then I came across the following post by Tony Bennett back in 2008 where he states that the McCanns are involved with a conspiracy of protection from government and powerful people. This of course is just an opinion. I fear for those who hang on to Tony’s coat tail and run with him. Such extreme theories and such lack of evidence. I now wonder how far down the list Madeleine actually is for him when politics and publicity are involved.

A quote written by Tony Bennett. Click to view.

Anyone who has seen even a selection of my public posts on forums about Madeleine would know I have a deep suspicion of possible British government involvement in trying to suppress the possible prosecution of the McCanns and many times I have praised the PJ for having worked under the most enormous pressure to try to find out the truth. It is my personal view that the McCanns have mounted the mother of all diversionary tactics regarding Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’ and have been aided and abetted in this by most of the media and possibly by sinister forces within the British government. I do not of course know about the quality of the work done by the PJ, but reading between the lines, my provisional verdict would be: ‘done a great job under very adverse circumstances.

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